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Our areas of service include: Vancouver WA, Camas WA, Washougal WA, Ridgefield WA, Salmon Creek WA, Brush Prairie WA, Orchards WA, Hazel Dell WA, Walnut Grove WA, Woodland WA, Salem OR, West Salem OR, Keizer OR, Woodburn OR, Canby OR, Wilsonville OR, West LinnOR, Lake Oswego OR, Tualatin OR, Sherwood OR, Newberg OR, McMinnville OR

Consider this… When you’ve returned home on the day of the week that wears you out the most, I personally guarantee that our professional house cleaners will have your home looking, feeling and smelling both clean and fresh. Housekeeping that makes an impact on the quality of your life. Your

beds will be freshly made with sparkling sheets and even your  furniture will have perfectly fresh vacuum lines that reassure you of that .  Imagine having house cleaners that understands that good feeling you get when you walk into a clean home, not having to worry about cleaning it yourself, knowing that it was cleaned by somebody who loves your home, almost as much as you do.
That’s what professional house cleaners can do, that’s what the NW House Cleaning offices of the Cleaning Authority maid service can do for you.you and your family can take the rest of the day off and unwind together.

Most people are too busy to clean their homes to the level that professional house cleaners can and if you did, by the time your home is as clean as you would really like it to be, the day has passed you by and it’s just about all you can do to crawl into bed exhausted. Save yourself the anxiety and hire professional house cleaners so you can enjoy what really matters… life.

While most home cleaners and maid services sell the specifics of their actual labor, I just like to sell you back your home looking the way you see it in a perfect world and without having to pay for it twice.

I want you to return home and truly feel surprised and stunned as you walk from room to room, knowing that it was cleaned by house cleaners that care. Just like my mom and dad felt when we would surprise them by cleaning the house from top to bottom before they came home from work, my mom used to call us her little house cleaners.

Do you know of any maid services in the NW that gets it like we do? Odds are you probably don’t. You see, when I brought my business to Oregon and Vancouver I decided one thing up front: that I would have one of the best if not the best maid service companies in the NW. I live here, this is my home and I have hired other maid service companies before I opened the Oregon and

Don’t settle for a maid service that cleans your home without passion, without feelings of pride for the work they do, our professional house cleaners are a step above the rest. I’d like to provide you with a renewed energy level that actually makes you feel like reaching out and having good friends come over for that long overdue dinner. An energy that stems from knowing that in this hectic world, juggling everything you do that “your home finally has a friend on the inside.”

When you’re ready to be pleasingly surprised by your home by using a professional maid service that gets results, just give me a call or contact me through our website and I will personally come out free of charge, shake your hand, meet your home and find an affordable way to reconnect and rekindle a relationship that has real meaning. The relationship between you and the place you call home.


John Arzner, Your home’s friend on the inside